Google SSO SAML2

In this section you will learn about Google SSO SAML2

Setting up SSO for your Jet Admin project requires your to set up Custom Domain for your project first.

1. Go to SSO Applications

2. Create a new SSO application

3. Open your G Suite SAML Apps and create a new one

G Suite Apps page is located at


5. Download IDP metadata .xml file

6. Specify application basic information

7. Set up Jet Admin SSO application and copy ACS URL

Specify Entity ID and upload saved Metadata (.xml) file from the previous step. Entity ID should be unique text identifier of your application

ACS URL displayed at the bottom of page will be needed on the next step.

8. Set up G Suite SAML App

Specify ACS URL and Entity ID entered on the previous step

9. Set attributes mapping

You should specify 3 attributes to map on Jet Admin user account:

  • Email should map to Basic Information - Primary Email

  • FirstName should map to Basic Information - First Name

  • LastName should map to Basic Information - Last Name

10. You are all set

SSO button should appear automatically on the login and register pages when visiting Jet Admin from your custom domain.

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