Lists are UI components for displaying data from your collections

There are several ways how you can display the same collection in Jet Admin:

Check the steps below to familiarize yourself with common Lists features

Setting the Layout

To assemble UI components on the page the way your case requires, use one of the Layouts components:

Adding list component

To add any component to the page simply drag-and-drop it:

Card fields and Columns

Columns for the Table components and Card fields for other Lists components can be customized by rearranging, enabling/disabling flags, and changing field types:

Selection function

Any Lists component in Jet Admin has the selected row or selected card functions that can be used to trigger all sorts of actions as well as fetching values from selected records:


Using selection function you can also configure actions for any of the Lists components:

There are two ways to set actions:

  1. Row click or Card click actions will be triggered when a row or card is clicked

  2. Header action will be triggered after selecting a row and hitting the header button


You can limit the number of records displayed in one of the Lists components:

You can enable Search for any of the Lists components:


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