Making SQL queries

An overview of SQL request with PostgreSQL

To quickly configure the display of your data from a database, you can build SQL queries by selecting Custom SQL.

Open SQL Query Builder

1. Go to Component Settings then click Add Data Source

2. Choose Resource – SQL Database (PostgreSQL, MySQL) and Collection – Make an SQL request

Pass parameters

To pass parameters from SQL Query Bilder, such as idor email, you need to specify them in the Filters field in the SQL Builder.

Use app variable values in your request

Tokens are app variables that store Jet's data. There are different type of tokens that you can use on your requests:

  • Current User

  • Parameters

  • Sorting

  • Tables Tokens

You can specify default values for your tokens that will use in the request.

For example, you need to select data with a specific id or emailfrom the table, you can make an SQL query and use the parameters:

Run an SQL query

Simply click Update results button to run SQL command: