Reading data from API

For instance, you need to make your own API request, just choose Make an HTTP request as an operation. Let's look at an example of how to get a list of transactions. We are going to display a list of transactions in the table component with the Stripe API (you can use any API).

Make an API request using API Builder

1. Go to the Component Settings then Add Data Resource

2. Select a resource then choose collection as Make an HTTP request

Pass API parameters

Now you are in API Query Builder. Specify endpoint and add new customer parameter (to return charges for the customer specified by this customer ID)

Use tokens on your API request

When you create a new parameter it becomes available as tokens. You can set a value for the parameter to request a list of customer's transactions.

Transform your response

To transform the response, use the Response Nested Keys to specify the result of your request:

Paginate by pages

To paginate by the list of pages specify cursor pagination :

1. Select Cusror Pagination as Pagination:

2. In general, Cursor pagination is specified by next_cursor, has_more parameters. To parse the response we use Javascript notation. You can modify your function's return value by adding a transformer. Use the identifier data for the return value and enter any expressions to modify the result, such as add a property or loop over the data set.

  • next_cursor as data['data'][data['data'].length - 1].id

  • has_more asdata['has_more']

3. Let's specify the request by providing Query Params:

Run your request

Simply click Refresh Data button to run your request

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