Parse JSON Fields

Parse JSON to create new columns with the data you want

If your dataset has a field that contains data in a JSON format, you can parse that field to display the specific pieces of data you want in new columns. You can do this by creating a new custom field and then passing it a value that references the JSON field.

Let's explain this more in-depth by using the following example.

Suppose you have a field that has JSON data like the following:

  "fields": {
    "pricing": {
      "integerValue": "109"
    "quantity": {
      "integerValue": "98"

Without changing anything, it will be displayed like this:

To parse this data and make it more readable, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the data type for the field with your JSON data. It will be Text by default; change it to JSON. Here you can also change how the data in this column is displayed within this field – as either text or as fields.

  1. Create a new Computed Field with the data you want

    1. Click Add computed column in the table menu on the right

    2. Pass the correct value to your field: - Click the ƒx Formula button - Choose the field from your table that has your JSON data - Choose the JSON field and value that you need

    3. Give your column an appropriate name

    4. Adjust the data type for your field as necessary

  1. (Optional) Hide the field with the JSON data by clicking on the slider next to the field name in the Table menu

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