This guide explains how to quickly connect Xano back-end to a Jet Admin front-end.
Xano is the fastest way to build a powerful, scalable backend for your app without code. We will guide you how you can quickly connect Xano back-end to Jet Admin. Check our Tutorial: How to build business apps for your Xano back-end without code

Step 1: Create APIs on top of your database

Once you have created a Database and filled in data, you should create APIs for your Database in Xano. There are two options to create Endpoints in Xano:
  • Default CRUD operations endpoints
  • Create custom API endpoints

1.1 Default CRUD operations endpoints

  1. 1.
    Use Default CRUD operations endpoints. Go to the API tab in Xano from the left menu and choose Default API Group and Copy API Group Base URL to your clipboard, and let’s head over to Jet Admin!

1.2 Create custom API endpoints

To successfully create custom API endpoints, mark all API endpoints: Specify the Description field for each API endpoint.
First, go to Add API Group and fill in Name and Description. Next, click Add API endpoint.
Fill the Description field of the API endpoint you want to use in Jet Admin with the following content:
  • For Get record list API endpoint: Query all TABLE records
  • For Create record API endpoint: Add TABLE record
  • For Delete record API endpoint: Delete TABLE record
  • For Get one record API endpoint: Get TABLE record
  • For Update record API endpoint: Edit TABLE record
where TABLE is your Xano table name.
Only endpoints with the specified Descriptions will be imported to Jet Admin. For example, if API endpoint – Get record list of Deals, in the Description field: Query all deals records.

Step 2: Connect Xano to Jet Admin

Create a new Project in Jet Admin if you don't have one. Choose Xano as a Data Source that you would like to connect.
Copy API Group Base URL from Xano to Jet Admin
In case if you would like to protect API endpoints from unauthorized access, you can learn how to set it up in the video and get an Access token:
Once authentication endpoint is set up, generate an Auth Token for Jet Admin integration.
Make sure to set expiration to "0" in endpoint Create Authentication Token step to make Auth Token permanent.
Copy Authorization token to Authorization header in Jet Admin.
Next, choose Data Sync, which allows you to do SQL queries, and blend and join data from 30+ data sources.
Copy authToken value to insert it in Jet Admin.

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