Connecting Zendesk to Jet Admin

1. Get Zendesk API Token

First you need to sign up for Zendesk and create an account. Complete the account creation process to get started.

Find your API Token under the API section of the Channels tab in Settings. Make sure to copy and store this token. Zendesk won't show it again after you click Save or leave this page.

2. Add to Jet Admin

Add Zendesk to an existing project or connect Zendesk as a resource when creating a new project. Copy your API Token into API Token field to connect the resource.

3. Set up collections and actions

Once you've added Zendesk to Jet Admin, you'll be able to see your Collections of data we obtained from your resource, such as Organization, Ticket, Users, Ticket Metrics, User Identitites, etc. Select collections that you would like to use in Jet Admin:

To quickly set up actions (buttons that will trigger actions through an API call) to be performed on your data, Jet will automatically generate CRUD actions for your collections: