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In this section you will learn about the sign-up page

If you need to create a sign-up/sign-in page for the users of your app, Jet Admin already has a built-in one that you can tune and customize to suit your case.

You can white-label the whole sign-up/sign-in page, replacing a favicon, Jet Admin logo, brand images on the right side, and domain.

At the moment, the out-of-the-box white-label functionality is in development, so you'll need to send the materials listed above manually in the support chat

There are several ways you can further customize the sign-up/sign-in page:

  • (1) You can set your authentication system with your own auth provider (reach out to sales or support if you need that option)

Google SAML SSO is already set and available in all plans

  • (2) If white-label is not enough, you can completely set up a fully custom sign-up page, using your styles and colors.

  • (3) If you're building a customer portal, you might want to set up the invitation process through a public link. New customers will sign up through an auto-generated URL and automatically assign a selected team.

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