Hiding a component until a row with a certain value is selected

As an example, you need to hide a component until the value in a certain field is equal to a certain value. Let's consider the same example, will hide the table with purchase info until a user with Active status is selected in the Customers table. To do this, we will use the EQ() function to compare two values:

  1. Select the component that you want to add conditional visibility to. In this example, that component is a table that displays all the purchases made by the selected customer.

  2. In the component menu, go to the Display section.

  3. Click in the Conditional Visibility field, and choose the condition that you want to use, or use a formula. In this example, I'm using the EQ() function to compare the value Status in the selected row to the value "active". To do this, I first write or choose the formula EQ(), and then I enter my values. For the first value, I choose my Customers table, then Selected Row, and then the Status field. For the second value, I simply write "active". In the end, the value in the Conditional Visibility field will be: =EQ(elements.Customers["0"].selected_item.status, "active") With this formula set up, the table that displays purchases will only display if the selected customer has a status of Active.

App builder view:

The Email field will be hidden until a user with Active status is selected in the table.

App view:

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