👉Before we jump into the thick of it, there is one thing that needs to be clarified:

Internal Tools vs Customer Portals

Both Client Portals and the Internal Tools are the same in their essence - they are just web or mobile apps built on Jet Admin. However, they differ from the usage perspective: end-users of the Portal are external users, e.g. Vendors, Partners, Merchants, or Individuals, whereas end-users of the Internal App are internal users, i.e. your organization's employees. They also differ in pricing.
Typical use-cases for the Client Portal and for the Internal Tool also differ, that's why we've created two separate quickstart journeys based on the common use-cases:
If you want to save time building your app, you can apply one of the templates that you can find on the dashboard. You can preview the templates here.
For the template to become a functional app, It's crucial to correctly bind your own data and set relations between to UI components composing a template. Learn more about it in the Values section.