Data is not loading

If your data is not loading, there might be many potential causes for this. This might as well render differently in the UI component: the infinite load, or the error.

In this article, we'll review the most common causes of this issue and help you identify and fix the problem.

Case 1 - VPN

A user supposedly hasn't changed anything but started to get this error:

Solution: Disabling VPN solved the problem - this is the most common reason for such an error. After disabling it, reload the page.

Case 2 - SQL query filters

In this case, a user wanted to display a filtered collection from a custom SQL query but got the "Nothing found" message

Even though the query was correct, it didn't account for the fact that Jet handles filtering automatically, so you should not add the WHERE clause.

Solution: omit WHERE and only set up the inputs and reference them in the query.

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