Load Data (Page Query)

Load and Query your data collection/record to your page

Load Data allows you to retrieve data (collection or record) from the data sources, workflow, or a page component (specify data). Pass variables/parameters, and filter your data. The data can be loaded into components on the current page: such as charts, tables, select, and multiple select components.

Load Data is ideal for scenarios where:

  • Multiple components utilize a common data source for enhanced page efficiency

  • A single component employs numerous collections for data visualization

Load Data from Collection

  1. Click the Actions button in the top left menu

  2. Click the Add Query button in the LOAD DATA section

  3. Select Get the list of records to retrieve a set of a maximum of 20 records from a data resource

  4. Rename your Page Query

  5. Select Load Data to retrieve the data from the data resources

  6. Select Data resource

  7. Select Collection

Load Data from JSON

  1. Click on the Load Data section

  2. Choose Specify Data

Load Data from Workflow

  1. Click on the Load Data section

  2. Choose Specify Data

  3. Click to Add a Workflow

  4. Click on the Run Operation

  5. Choose the Resource

  6. Choose the Operation

Filter loaded data

  1. In the Apply Filters section, click Add to implement filters statically or dynamically by using a value from other components.

  2. Choose the column you would like to filter and then decide on the kind of filter you want to use.

In this example, let's filter by ID. Follow the steps:

  1. Click on the Add Filter button

  2. Choose ID equals

  3. Click on the Formula icon

  4. Choose the component

  5. Choose the Selected Card

  6. Choose ID

For now, the Load Data (page query) feature is limited to retrieving only 20 records per request.

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