Customize your Portal

In Jet Admin you can customize the appearance of your Portal for better usability. Let's start with the Projects table.
Disable unnecessary columns and rearrange the order:
In Airtable, field types are detected automatically, but for other data sources you might need to configure them by clicking on the column icon
Let's now set the number of displayed rows to 5, and make the first row selected by default:
You can change the field types to render different fields differently and customize their appearance. Just click on the icon, choose the right type from the dropdown, and configure it:
In Jet Admin, you can configure and customize any component individually on any page. Let's make our record fields non-editable so that the users will be able to change only the Deadline date:
Applying similar edits to the Tasks table and we're done with the UI customization:
Now, let's invite external users and make them interact only with their data: