Environments allow you to switch a context: a different set of data or interface configuration. Each environment allows you to update and publish your app without affecting the apps in the other project (environment). Create separate dev, stage environments so that users can fix a version of the app in the production environment while updates or development continues in another environment.

Creating a new Environment

To quickly create an Environment you need to create different Projects for each stage: prod, stage, dev.

Firstly, fix the version of the current project (called production) so that your customers always use a stable version of Jet.

Settings -> Project Versions

Then, create a new project (called stage) and copy interface settings to update your app without affecting production.

  1. Create a new project

  2. Go to the Project settings

  3. Copy the interface of your current Project

  4. Set the latest Jet Admin version (it will automatically be selected)

Now you will have a complete copy of your production project with the latest version of Jet Admin to update your tool and detect errors without affecting your production project.