Hiding a component until a row is selected

If, for example, you need to hide a component until a row is selected in a table, you need to do the following:

  1. Select the component that you want to add conditional visibility to. In this example, that component is a table that displays all the purchases made by the selected customer.

  2. In the component menu, go to the Display section.

  3. Click in the Conditional Visibility field, and choose the condition that you want to use, or use a formula. In this example, I'm choosing my Customers table and then Selected Row. This way, when my user clicks on a customer, a table will appear below the first one that shows all the purchases made by that customer. Note that I click on the Apply button next to Selected Row – this is because I don't want a specific value from that row.

You do not have to enter it manually, but the value of the Conditional Visibility field in this case will be


The table will now be hidden as long as no row is selected in the table.

App Builder view:

App view:

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