Jet Bridge is a free and open-source app that generates an API and proxies the requests to databases and business apps: (PostgreSQL, Google Sheets, Stripe, etc). It is available on Github.
  • We never access your private data. It transferred directly from a browser to your application.
  • Scale as your growth. You can host and scale Jet projects the way you want. You can choose any hosting platform you want: AWS, Heroku, a VPS, or a dedicated server.
  • Resource agnostic. You can choose the resource you prefer. Jet works with databases or popular APIs apps: PostgreSQL, Firebase, Google Sheets, Stripe... .
  • Customizable. You can quickly build your logic by fully customizing APIs using API Builder.
  • Frontend SDK (Angular, React, Vue). Build your web apps using ready to use SDK.

How it works

Jet Admin is a SaaS frontend application hosted on Jet Admin side that works in your browser. It connects to your project SQL database through open-source Jet Bridge backend application which you install on your side. So Integrating Jet Admin with your project requires installing only one component - Jet Bridge. Here's how it should look like after installation:

Your Web App

Any of your applications which work with your Database. Jet Admin does not interact with it directly.

Your Database

Jet Admin has no direct access to your database.

Jet Bridge App

An open-source application installed on your server's side and connected to your database. It automatically generates REST API based on your database structure. Jet Interface works with Database through Jet Bridge.

Jet Interface

Web applications accessible from any browser. Maintaining and updating of this web application are on Jet Admin team side. Your application data is transmitted directly from Jet Bridge to Jet Interface in your browser and remain invisible for the Jet Admin service.

Install Jet Bridge

Python plugin

Install Jet Bridge without additional software or web services on any server or localhost. You will need to install Python dependencies and run the application manually.

Using Jet Bridge inside Docker

Install Jet Bridge without need to install any dependencies except Docker application. May require additional network configuration for your OS.

Django framework

To integrate Jet Admin with the Django-based project you need to install the Jet Bridge package. It will work even with your local application on localhost.
Jet Bridge for Django sources are available on Github
This is the quickest way to install Jet Admin for Django based projects. Installed in the same way as most Django packages.

Data Privacy

The main advantage of Jet Admin’s architecture is that absolutely no data transits or crosses our servers. The user accesses application data directly from the client and Jet Admin is just deployed as a service to display and interact with the data.
With Jet Admin, your data are transferred directly from your application to your browser while remaining invisible to our servers.

User Authentication

When user logs in Jet Admin he receives User Token generated by Jet Admin UI settings are stored on the and your Project Data is stored on Your Web App server.
So the user browser can send the following requests:
  • to get or update UI settings user browser sends requests to and passes HTTP Authorization Header containing User Token. Because is an issuer of this token - it can verify it.
  • to get or update Project Data user browser sends requests to Jet Bridge App (open source) installed on Your Server and passes the same HTTP Authorization Header containing User Token. Jet Bridge App performs requests to endpoint and passes received User Token to verify if its valid and if user has enough permissions. Also Jet Bridge App sends its Project Token to all endpoints which is described below.

Jet Bridge Authentication

In order for Jet Bridge App be able to communicate with it obtains its unique Project Token which will be used to authenticate all requests to This token is generated by making call to once on Jet Bridge App install and saved in Your Database.