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Multiple Select

One common type of form is Multiple Select. Multiple Select is useful for when you want auser to be able to select multiple values. This has many applications for an app, but one common use case is using Multiple Select to filter records in a table.

Filtering tables with Multiple Select

To use a Multiple Select component as a filter, you need to do two things:
  1. 1.
    Create the Multiple Select form
  2. 2.
    Connect the Multiple Select form to your table as a filter

Create the Multiple Select form

Once you've dragged and dropped the Multiple Select component into your app, click on it, and the Multiple Select component will appear on the right.
Multiple Select menu
Now, you need to set up the options that your user will be able to choose from. You can do this by specifying the options manually or by loading the options.
Specify options manually
To load the options, first choose the resource and collection that you want to load options from, choose the fields in that collection that you want to use for your labels and values, and then click Load and customize options. You can also add subtitles or icons that would then appear in the Multiple Select component.
Load options
After loading the options, be sure to double-check that they are correct and make any changes as necessary. Sometimes extra values will be added, but you can click on the delete icon next to them to ensure that the list of options is correct.
Correct options
At this point, my Multiple Select component is set up, but I still need to connect it to my table as a filter.

Connect the Multiple Select form to your table as a filter

Click on your table to open up the table menu on the right. Click on Filter, and then in the Apply Filters section, click on Add. Next, select the field that you want to filter by, and how you want it to filter. For Multiple Select, it is most common to choose the [field] is one of option, but depending on your needs, you might also choose exclude [field] is one of.
Add filter to table
The final step is to click on the ƒx Formula button and choose the Multiple Select component from the menu.
Connect filter to Multiple Select
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