Connecting Stripe to Jet Admin

1. Get Your Secret API Key

To get your Secret API Key you need to sign up in Stripe. Then you need to find your Secret API Key:

Just click Reveal test key token to get your secret key.

2. Add to Jet Admin

Add Stripe to an existing project or connect Stripe as a resource when creating a new project. Copy your Secret API Key into the Secret Key field to connect the resource.

3. Export collections and actions

Once you've added Stripe to Jet Admin, you'll be able to see your Collections of data we obtained from your resource, such as Invoices, Subscriptions, Cards, Transactions, Refunds, etc. Select collections that you would like to use in Jet Admin:

To quickly set up actions (buttons that will trigger actions through an API call) to be performed on your payments data, specify collections and grant permissions for each individual action: