Upload files to Xano

If you have an /upload/attachment endpoint in your Xano API, you will see two sections when viewing your Xano data resource: Collections and Storages. Collections is for the Xano tables with your data, and Storages is where your files are kept on Xano.

Upload to Xano as an App Builder

You can upload files to Xano from the Jet Admin's app builder with no further setup – simply go to Files in the Storages section of your Xano resource, click on Upload File in the upper right corner, and choose the file you wish to upload.

Allow App Users to Upload to Xano

You can allow your app users to upload files to Xano by using a File Picker form. Drag and drop it into your app, then set it up by choosing the Output Format Save to Storage and choosing Xano as the storage that you want to upload the file to.

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