Customizing Pages

Detailed review of pages in Jet Admin.

A Page is an interface element that can span across various use cases. Create pages from scratch, or else you can apply ready-to-use templates to get a new page in less than 2 minutes.

In this section we cover the following basic page management tasks in Jet:

Create a page from scratch

To create a new page, click on Menu on the top left corner and press icon + New Page - Create a blank page. If you are in Customer mode, firstly go to Visual Builder by clicking on the icon in the bottom left corner.

Build a page using Templates

The fastest way to build a page is to use predefined templates. Below is how to apply page templates:

Customize your page

Once you created a new page, drag-and-drop any components to the page to succeed with your use cases.

Page parameters

The parameters allow you to pass data from one page to another.

In case, when you want to build a Detail page for your user with the user info on this page: first name, last name, address, etc. You need to pass the user ID parameter from one page to another. To do this you need to create a parameter for this page and pass this parameter to another page in Action.

Create page parameters

To create page parameters go to the page settings then click +Add Parameter.

Let's say the Refund Tool page includes a customer table, and the other Users page includes a table with detailed information about the customer. We want to pass the customer id from one page to another to get the additional info.

1. To create a link between pages create an Action specified as Open Page

2. Select the page you want to open. Users page in our case.

3. Pass the customer id parameter from the customer table.

4. Select a user and click on the Get Info button.