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The community is where you can meet, get help & support, share resources and discuss what you're working on. The community is filled with thousands of kind and friendly users – many of them experts – who are willing to help each other out.
We have only a few simple guidelines:
  • Be polite and kind to other members
  • Use the search bar to see if your topic has been discussed before
  • Check out the community’s different categories
  • When posting questions, try to be clear and concise and write descriptive titles. If you need help with many different things, try posting them as separate topics.
  • Where possible, provide links (e.g. to your app), screenshots or even videos that help explain the point you are trying to make
  • Please be aware that everything you post in the forums is public
  • If you have questions that others could benefit from – try to post publicly and not privately message other members. Some of our experts and staff get a lot of DMs – bear in mind that there are many other people in the forum that may be able to help you.