Jet Admin's Component Designer allows you to add interactions to layers, enhancing user engagement and functionality. Five types of interactions can be added to any layer:

  1. Track Hover State:

    • Monitors the hover state of the layer, allowing you to change its appearance or behavior when a user hovers over it.

  2. Track Pressed State:

    • Detects when a layer is pressed or clicked, enabling you to modify its appearance or trigger specific actions.

  3. Click Action:

    • Defines an action to be performed when the layer is clicked, such as navigating to another page or executing a custom script.

  4. Cursor:

    • Customizes the cursor style when hovering over the layer, enhancing the user interface and experience.

  5. Text Selection:

    • Allows text layers to be selectable, enabling users to copy text from your application.

Usage Examples

  1. Hover State:

    • Change the background color of a button when a user hovers over it to provide visual feedback.

  2. Pressed State:

    • Trigger an effect when a button is pressed to simulate a realistic button press.

  3. Click Action:

    • Set up navigation to a detailed view when an image or item is clicked.

  4. Cursor:

    • Change the cursor to a pointer to indicate clickable elements or to a custom icon for specific interactions.

  5. Text Selection:

    • Enable users to copy text from informational panels or data tables for convenience.


To add interactions in Jet Admin:

  1. Select the Layer:

    • Choose the layer you want to add an interaction to.

  2. Choose Interaction Type:

    • Click on the interaction menu and select the desired interaction type (e.g., Track Hover State).

  3. Configure Interaction:

    • Define the specific behavior or action for the interaction. For example, set the hover state to change the background color to a specific value.

  4. Apply and Test:

    • Apply the interaction settings and test them to ensure they work as intended.

By utilizing these interactions, you can create a more interactive and engaging user interface in Jet Admin, improving the overall user experience.

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