Service Health Check

Below are the links and instructions for checking the health status of the basic service:

Note: Replace placeholders such as COMMON_BACKEND_URL, COMMON_BACKEND_NODE_URL, etc., with the actual URLs specific to your environment.

  • In case of any errors or unexpected responses, look at the service logs for further troubleshooting steps.

    1. Backend Service:

      • URL: COMMON_BACKEND_URL/api/check_health/

    2. Backend Node Service:

      • URL: COMMON_BACKEND_NODE_URL/check_health/

    3. Data Sync Service:

      • URL: COMMON_DATA_SYNC_URL/check_health/

    4. Workflows Service:

      • URL: COMMON_WORKFLOWS_URL/check_health/

    5. Data Sources API:

      • URL: COMMON_DATA_SOURCES_API_URL/check_health/

    6. Jet Bridge Cloud Service: Please note that JetBridge health check does not have a specific method. When accessing the service, it will redirect, and the output will resemble the information shown in the screenshot.


URLs should be similar to the URLs in your .env file. You can access the .env file by navigating to the "jet-onpremise" directory and opening it with the Nano text editor using the following commands:

cd jet-onpremise
nano .env

A successful response typically indicates details (healthy true/false, version) in the response body.

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