Instant Installation

Step-by-step guide to Cloud Installation.

The quickest way to integrate database (localhost not valid, use Docker or Python integration instead). We encrypt all data and credentials that go through our servers using an HTTPS connection.

You'll need to fill out the following form:




The IP address or hostname ( of where your database instance resides. Note, localhost and are not valid! Make sure it is accessible from these IPs:


Username for this database


Password for this database

Database Name

The name of the database you would like to interact with.

Database Port

Port to connect to. By default PostgreSQL: 5432

PostgreSQL Schema

Your database schema (optional)

Extra Parameters

Extra parameters, ex. charset=utf8 (optional)

Make a SQL queries

Using Database integration you can make simple or SQL queries to your database:

Here is a step-by-step guide to deploying the database to Heroku and finding your credentials.

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