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Add actions that users can trigger

A helpful way to think about apps is through how users interact. Two elementary levels of interaction are viewing and editing data, which we built on the previous steps. But often, apps need to be able to perform custom actions with specific workflow.

Initiating a Form is a form of action. Actions such as Open Link and Show notification are native functionalities within Jet, triggering specific processes within your app.

In this tutorial, we'll set up a system to automatically send notifications to the user via email and Slack when a deal is marked as Closed Won.

  1. Initiate the workflow when the Deal is updated, which occurs when the associated form is successfully submitted.

  1. Add a conditional step in the workflow that checks whether the deal stage is set to Closed Won. For the conditional step, employ the 'Equals' operation using the Formula EQ({deal_stage}, 'Closed Won') to verify if the deal stage matches the Closed Won status. The value for {deal_stage} is selected from Formula.

  1. Send email. Add actions to send an email with the content formatted as: "Deal {0} is Closed Won". Here, {deal_name} should be dynamically inserted into the email content, and its value can be selected using a formula that references the {deal_name} field from the data source.

  1. Show notifications. Use the same logic to implement notifications.

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