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Auto-generated row (primary key)



Auto-generated row (primary key)

When you connect your Google Sheet table to Jet Admin or add new tables, Jet Admin automatically generates a row value (primary key) - a unique identifier of a given row.

When you set up relations (binding) in Jet Admin or create pretty much any logic, Jet Admin uses ROW to identify the records. This field can not be deleted.

Dropdowns are used a lot in Sheets, but to make them work correctly when you connect your data to Jet, follow the instructions below

If you have dropdowns in your Sheet, and you want them to be transferred into Jet, you can't do it directly. Instead, click add a new file and choose the sheet that contains all the options for the dropdown

The values should be unique (no duplicates) AND the sheet has to have a header row, otherwise Jet will use a real value as a header

After connecting it, it will look like this in Jet:

Now, after building your interface or applying one of the ready-to-use templates, you need to configure your select (dropdown) field in Jet Admin. By default, it looks like a basic input:

To make it a dropdown with the correct options, proceed to the settings and change the type of the field to "Select"

The last thing that's left is to choose the "Load from resource" tab and then pick your Sheet that contains the dropdown options.


It's essential to be aware of the limitations of Google Sheets while working in Jet Admin. There are two major limitations:

  1. Number of rows per minute - this is the limitation that comes from Google Sheets API limits (read more here). So if you build a complex tool with lots of data, it might make sense to look for an alternative to Google Sheets

You can use Sync mode to bypass this limitation

  1. Working with formulas - Jet Admin supports formulas in Google Sheets for reading, which means that calculated fields in your Sheets. However, if you will change (Through Jet Admin) a value that's a result of a formula, it will be written as a value and the formula information will be lost for that field.

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