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App settings

Set up custom branding and configure the menu
App settings allow you to change the look-and-feel of the app and configure your app's parameters. You can find it in the left black bar in the builder mode.
Hover your mouse over the menu to open it up:
You'll see seven different tabs:
  • Appearance - configure a color scheme and the layout of the app
  • Menu - configure your app's menu, create sections and reorder the elements
  • App info - set up the app's name and service URLs
  • Custom domain - set up a custom domain for your app
  • Sign-up - customize the sign-up page, add your logo, favicon, etc
  • Features - additional features
  • Scripts & Styles - add global JavaScript and CSS
Most of the settings changes take effect only in the User-mode, so to check the result, preview or publish your app (more on different modes here)

Last modified 8mo ago