360 Data/Data Blending

Combine data from different data sources
360 Data allows you to connect and sync more than 30 data sources to your Jet app. Jet syncs your data sources to Jet Tables which allows you to join(merge) data and write SQL with non-SQL data sources.
You can even layer the above capabilities to transform your data the way you want regardless of where it comes from.
All the data sources you want to be able to blend from have to be connected through the "Sync connection"

Sync Connection

While connecting a data source, you'll be prompted to choose the type of a connection, there could be a direct connection or a sync connection:
Choose the sync connection to unlock all the features listed above. Under the hood, it will use Jet Tables - Jet's built-in SQL database as the medium for syncing.
The dialog window to choose the connection type
At the moment, the sync connection is available for a limited number of integrations. If you want us to prioritize a specific data source, please let us know in the support chat

Blending the data

To demonstrate how the data blending works, we'll use two data sources: Airtable and Google Sheets, where the former contains the Order table and the latter - the Customers table. Notice that the Customer ID column in the Orders table refers to the ID in the Customers table.
Once you've connected your data sources (read more on particular integrations here), proceed to the data section and pick a data source where you want to perform the blending (you can choose either one, it's just a matter of convenience)
Then create a new virtual collection:
You'll see all the data sources you've connected using "Sync" on the right. You can now pick the columns and use them in your query:
And after writing and running our query, we get the resulting table, containing Full name and Country columns from the Customers table together with the Order Date column from the Orders table.
After saving changes, we get a collection with joined data that we can later use in the interface.

Sync options

The sync parameters can be changed in the Sync options tab. To get there, click the three dots in the top left corner of your data source page:
The syncing consist of two parts: the Data source - Jet tables connection (referred to as External updates) and the Jet tables - Interface connection (referred to as Internal updates). The latter pair is syncing in real-time while the former one's syncing interval can be changed
At the moment, the external updates interval can only be set on the side of Jet Admin, so if you need to change it, reach out to client support
In the sync tab, you can:
  • View the status (could be active or paused) (1)
  • Control the sync: pause it or perform a manual sync - Sync now (2)
  • View the Internal updates interval (3)
  • View the external updates interval (4)
The last sync date and time are displayed along with the sync status:
You can further investigate the syncing logs and console by clicking on that time:
To learn more about using SQL queries in Jet Admin, please refer to this page: