Adding Language to Jet Admin

To add a new language to Jet Admin, follow these steps:

Requirements: Ensure you have a good understanding of both the source language (English) and the target language. Familiarity with GitHub and version control systems is also beneficial for submitting changes via Pull Requests.

Accessing GitHub Files:

Access the necessary files from the Jet Admin Localization GitHub Repository. You'll need to create new files, and push them as a 'Pull Request'. Our GitHub repository hosts a collection of files used for localization.

Understanding File Structure:

In the root folder, you'll find a folder containing files for email templates and individual files for each language. Each language file is named in the format locale.xx.ts, where "xx" represents the language code (e.g., locale.en.ts for English, for French).

Translating Content:

Open the desired language file (e.g., for Spanish). These files contain lines with the English term followed by its translation in the respective language. For example:

{ source: 'Save', target: 'sauvegarder' },
{ source: 'Create', target: 'Crรฉer' },

Simply copy this file, rename it to locale.xx.ts (replace "xx" with the language code of your choice), and replace the Spanish translations with the corresponding translations in the new language.

Email Templates:

Apart from the main localization file, there are additional pages for email templates that need translation. These pages are named "email_verification", "project_user_invitation", and "user_restore".

Scope of Work:

The translation task may involve numerous lines of text. For instance, the Spanish file contains 557 lines, although not all may require translation. Use this as a reference for the scope of work.

Localization Submission:

Once you've finished translating the files, feel free to send us your work through a 'Pull Request' on GitHub. Don't forget to include a description of what you've changed. Although we're not actively creating new translations ourselves, we'd still love to see your localization and add it! Looking forward to seeing what you've got!

By following these steps, you can effectively add a new language to Jet Admin.

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