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Appearance Settings

In the Appearance section, you can customize the way that your app looks. This includes things like layout, colors, icons, themes, and font.


The font can be changed in the Appearance settings as well. To change it, scroll down to the Fonts section, and choose a Regular and a Headings font. JetAdmin uses Google Fonts and offers an extremely wide range of font options. To view and compare fonts more easily, look at them on the Google Fonts site. If you do want to use your own custom font, click on the + Custom font button, and you will be prompted to contact us so that we can help you with your custom font request.

Font for Sign In/Sign Up page

To change your font settings for the Sign In/Sign Up page, you need to have a custom domain set up. If you do, you can simply go to the Sign Up page menu by clicking on the icon in the left hand menu, then changing the font in the menu on the right side of the page. Here you can also make other changes to appearance like customizing the background, adding a logo, or adding a custom welcome message.

Accent Color

Accent Color affects the highlight color for selected rows, the color of various components (e.g. buttons), and the color of the menu bar. To set the Accent Color for your app, simply go to the Appearance section in the App Settings menu and choose the color you would like to use.