QR Code

QR code component allows you to dynamically display any value as a QR code.

How to add a static QR Code

Drag and drop QR Code component onto page and fill it with any value, such as URL.

How to pass values to QR Code component

You can pass any value to the component and it will output it as QR Code.

Let's make an example of QR codes for sending emails with subject and body, referencing the email from selected row on a table, and getting subject and body from text inputs.

You will need:

A table with emails

Any table that has emails as one of the columns will do.

Text inputs

Drag and drop two text inputs. You can optionally rename them to "Subject" and "Body" and make the second one to have multiple lines.

QR Code and value formula

Add the QR Component anywhere on the page and click on "Fx" button to start typing in your formula. It should have this syntax:

"mailto: {0} ?subject= {1} &body= {2}",

Make sure to change the placeholders to values that reference your page

Interactive guide with example

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