đŸ›ĢJet Admin API

Easily access, add to and modify data stored in Jet Admin from outside apps

Jet Admin API makes extending your apps and accessing Jet Admin outside of the app easy. In just a few clicks, you can access lists of records and individual records, create new rows, or update/delete existing ones through a RESTful interface. Make working with data more efficient in no time!

Jet Admin API

Jet allows you to interact with data sources and APIs, connected to Jet. The API documentation for each resource can be found in the data section within the particular resource page.

To be able to use API for a particular data source, you need to use the "Sync" connection when integrating a resource:

pageInteracting with Jet Admin API

Users & Teams API

Firstly, to make requests to Jet's API you should get a token. To do so, follow the steps described in the articles:

pageUsers APIpageTeams API

Projects, Pages & HTTP Requests API

Learn how to use Projects API, Pages API, and HTTP Requests API in the tutorials below.

pageProjects APIpagePages APIpageHTTP requests API

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