Charts overview and customization
Charts let you display and track global KPIs on the dashboard as well as provide at-a-glance performance insights. It's the fastest way to create analytical reports on your data.
In Jet Admin, you can visualize your data as any of the following chart widgets: line, bar, pie and doughnut charts, singe value.


Once you selected the chart type you need to add and configure dataset, simply click +Add Dataset and select the resource from which the chart will be built.
When you set up your chart, you need to select which data will be displayed. For example, you want to display the growth of subscribers by date. To do this, select the appropriate fields for display and grouping:

Multiple datasets

To display several datasets simultaneously add multiple datasets on one chart.
This is what multiple datasets on the same chart look like. You can specify different colors for each dataset.

Formatting data

You can format the display of your Y-axis data. For example, the numbers of your data are very small, so you can limit the display area. Set the limiting (minimum and maximum) values in this field:
Here we set the minimum and maximum values to change the chart display area.
Last modified 2yr ago