Charts overview and customization
Charts let you display and track global KPIs on the dashboard and provide at-a-glance performance insights. It's the fastest way to create analytical reports on your data.
Jet Admin has the following charts for visualizing data: line, bar, stacked bar, pie, doughnut, single value, radar, polar area, scatter, and bubble.

Sharing charts

You can share charts you make by clicking on the Share button in the upper right corner, just like sharing any other app.
A specific use case that can be valuable for charts, however, is adding the charts to Notion.
To share a chart or dashboard in Notion, click on the Share button, then go to the tab that says Public Share. Adding a Public Share link will give anyone with the link access to your app. As such, it is usually recommended to set public link permissions to Read-only.
To add the chart to Notion, go to the Notion page that you want to add the chart to, and past in the link. Then choose Create Embed in the dropdown menu that immediately appears when you paste the link.
Note that your whole app will be embedded in Notion. If you are making charts specifically to be used in Notion, you should consider this when designing your app and, for example, use design features such as tabs.