Preview & Publish

Builder/User/Preview modes

There are three operational modes in Jet Admin: the Builder mode, the User mode, and the Preview mode.

Builder Mode

Builder mode is where people who are building an app can add data sources, drag-and-drop UI components, customize them, bind them to your data, manage environments, and perform all the necessary work to get your app ready.
After creating an account, you'll automatically get into the Builder mode with the Administrator permissions.

User Mode

User mode, on the other hand, allows end-users to perform their daily operations in the app. For that, all the changes that have been made in the app have to be published, generating a new page with a new .../app/... URL. In this mode, users don't have access to any customization features but can interact with the data according to their permissions.

Preview Mode

Preview mode is designed for the builders to quickly preview the app in a user-mode without having to publish an app.
Within the preview mode, a user can:
  • Review the changes before publishing
  • Discard changes (will revert back to the last published version)
  • Publish an app
  • Impersonate a specific user

Reviewing changes

By clicking on the "N changes" label, drill down into the changes history. Here you can view the logs (2) and granularly discard changes for broader categories (1) or for individual collections, resources, settings, etc. (3)

Impersonating users

When building an app, it's usually difficult to get the right idea of how page permissions, dynamic filters, or conditional visibility that's been configured will transform into the end-user experience.
The impersonation feature allows you to quickly preview an app through the eyes of a particular user. In the example case below, we've denied access for Michael to the Customers page and set the user to see only records where Customer ID = 1 the Orders table.
To start previewing as a particular user, just click on the "Previewing as" button, and choose a user to impersonate