Hiding a component using the Page Value, User, or Team Property value

A common use case for visibility settings is to make certain components visible to specific teams or kinds of users.

To implement this kind of conditional visibility, you will need to have a Property Value set up. In this example, I am going to set up the property value Onboarded. I can do that by going to the Users menu, which can be accessed either in the left hand menu in the resources section, or in the account menu in the upper right hand corner.

  1. To set up conditional visibility based on this property, start the same way as in other examples – click on the component you wish to make conditionally visible, then go to the Display section in the component menu.

  2. In the Conditional Visibility field, choose the user property that you want to use. Because my property type is a checkbox, it already returns True or False based on its value. If you were using a property that had text elements or something else, for example with the values "Junior," "Middle," and "Senior," you might need to use a formula like EQ() to get the result you want. For more information about using such a formula, see the previous example about setting visibility based on a specific value.

Now the button will be hidden for all users who have False for the Onboarded property value.

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