Fields overview
Fields are single record data obtained from your resources. By default, all fields from your resource will be rendered as a text, but you can switch to a more appropriate one.
For example, you have a table of your customer's details, you can click on a record to see all available fields. All records from the same collection share the same fields. For example, each customer will have a specific Firstname, Lastname, Email.

Customize your fields

Your fields are what contains your data. They belong to a collection, so in order to customize them, go to Visual Builder and choose which field you will customize.

Field Types

By default, all fields from your resource will be rendered as a text - this is the most basic way to display your content (depending on your field type). But if you need to change your field type, you can set it up manually. For example, if your contacts have a field with a phone number, you can change the type of field to Integer.

Field Data

You can get the value of the selected record in the component by configuring the parameter transfer. For example, you want to display the email of the selected user.

Additional Parameters

More information about Additional Parameters in our documentation.
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