Database resources

Connecting your database to Jet Admin.

Connecting database as a resource

We support direct connection to various databases, as well as connections to 3rd party database services.

To connect a database with Jet Admin, choose a database from the list of available integrations:

List of available databases:

  • Jet Tables (PostgreSQL hosted in Jet Admin Cloud)

  • PostgreSQL

  • MySQL

  • Microsoft SQL

  • MariaDB

  • SQLite (Instant Connection unavaliable)

  • Oracle

  • AlloyDB

List of avaliable 3rd party databases:

After choosing a database, you'll need to choose set up method.

Set up methods may vary depending on database you choose.

Use instant cloud installation to connect Jet Admin with your public database directly (you won't be able to connect to localhost databases).

We also provide Jet Bridge to manage data in case you want to add an extra layer of security for your sensitive data. It will connect to your database and link Jet Admin with your project. It will work even with your application on localhost. Use Docker or Python Installation to deploy Jet Bridge.

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Deploy database to Heroku

An example of database deployment on Heroku and further Instant method integration.

pageâ›ēī¸ Database Heroku deployment

Connect through SSH

You can use SHH to safely integrate with databases in Jet Admin, if databases support it. Simply enable the toggle here and paste the credentials:

Make an SQL queries

Using Database integration you can make simple or SQL queries to your database to select the data and use it as virtual tables:

pageMaking SQL queries

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