Azure AD SSO OAuth 2.0

In this section you will learn about Azure AD SSO OAuth 2.0

1. Go to Sign In & Sign Up -> Authentication

2. Create a new External SSO

Specify Name and New members team for newly created External SSO

3. Go to Azure Active Directory -> App registrations and create new new Application

In Redirect URI (optional) section fill the following fields

  • Platform: Web

  • URL: copy REDIRECT URL from Jet Admin -> External SSO -> Application parameters section.

4. Copy credentials to Jet Admin

  • Copy Application (client) ID and Directory (tenant) ID from App Registration page in Azure portal to Jet Admin External SSO

  • Then open Certificates & secrets page, create new Client secret and copy it's Value to Jet Admin Client Secret

  • You should also set Scope to openid,profile,email,offline_access.

5. You are all set

SSO button should appear automatically on the login and register pages when visiting Jet Admin from your custom domain.

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