Export selected rows

First, you need to add an export action to the Table for exporting selected rows. To do it, follow the steps:

  1. Drag-and-drop a Table to your page

  2. Go to the Actions Tab

  3. Click on the Row Checked button

  4. Click on the New Action

  5. From the dropdown menu, choose Export Data

  6. Click on the Choose Resource

  7. Click on the Add button to apply a filter

  8. To apply a filter, choose ID equals

  9. Choose the formula for the filter

Now, let's test it

  1. Click on the rows you want to export

  2. Click on the New Action button

  3. Click on the Execute button

  4. Choose the format of the file

  5. Choose CSV for exporting the file as CSV

  6. Click on the Export button

Rename the button

  1. Click on the Text field

  2. Rename the button

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