Component Actions

Component actions allow you to push static or dynamic values into UI components. You can also use formulas or JavaScript to set the value.

To use this action type, choose the "Run component action" from the action type drop-down:

Then choose the UI component you want to run the component action for:

From there, you have two options: Clear value or Set value:

Clear Value will simply clear the value of the UI component after the action is successfully executed

Set Value allows you to put any value into the UI component after the action is executed.

As an example, let's assume we want to create a button that sets the date and time in the Date input field to the current date and time. For this, we'll need to reference the Date field in the "Run component action" (1) and specify what value we want to put into our Date field upon the button click (2).

In our example, we want the date to be set to "Today", so we'll use the NOW() formula for that

As a result, we get to set the date to "Today" whenever we click a button:

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