Components are UI elements inside Jet Admin that can be used to visualize and interact with your data

Setting the Layout

Layout components allow you to assemble other components on the page. We recommend starting with the columns component - just drag-and-drop it on the page:

Adding Components

You can add any component by simply drag-and-droping it onto the page:

Configuring Components

Different components have different settings, which you can access on the right of the window after clicking on the component once:
Check the overview of the most commonly used components below:


Lists are UI components used for displaying your collections. You can display your data as Table, Kanban, Map, Calendar, Gallery, and Timeline.


Charts let you display your data in several ways: line, bar, pie, doughnut, and single value.


To set descriptions, you can set different static text elements:

Media & Files

You can use images, files, and videos in Jet Admin. Just drag-and-drop the right component and configure it:


Buttons are used to execute actions. For example, you can create buttons to execute: Copy to clipboard, Send an email, Open a link, Link to page, and others.


Forms are the UI elements that are used to receive or display single values. They can be set as editable or non-editable.

Custom component

It is a Component based on React, Angular, or any other framework and integrates it in Jet Admin interface.