Manage your subscription

Jet Admin Billing Overview
To manage your subscriptions, simply go to the Billing & Plans settings:
Internal Tools vs. Customer Portals
There are two streams of Jet Admin plans, each with its own billing options.
In both streams, the plans differ in premium and advanced features and other aspects, but a key difference is that the Internal Tools plans are billed per user. For other details about the differences between the plans, see the Internal Tools and Customer Portals pricing pages.
Billing Periods
Plans can be billed monthly or annually, with annually billed plans priced at a 20% discount.
Invoice Currency
Jet Admin is based out of the US, so all plans are billed in USD.
Changing Plans
You can change your plan at any time in the Billing Options menu. Internal Tools Enterprise-level plans are customized and thus have custom billing, so if you wish to build an Internal Tools Enterprise plan, click on the Contact Us button in the Billing & Plans menu.
Cancelling Your Plan
You can cancel your plan at any time by turning off automatic renewal.