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Custom SSO OAuth 2.0

Apart from a number of pre-built SSO providers we support integrating with fully Custom OAuth 2.0 compatible providers.
The process is not automatic:
  • First you need to implement OAuth2 flow on your side and make sure it works. You should implement three types of requests for it listed below.
  • Any SSO integrations require you to connect your custom domain.
  • Contact our tech engineers to test and finish integration on our side. OAuth implementation can vary from provider to provider so we implemented ability to customize OAuth requests used in integration (HTTP method, JSON/Form data, Scope separator, etc.). Our engineers will adapt to your implementation during integration process, but we recommend to stick to the most popular industry implementations (preferable to use open source implementations for your tech stack).
These are global parameters generated on your side
  • CLIENT_ID - You apps client id used to identify Jet Admin requests (passed public)
  • CLIENT_SECRET - You apps client secret used by Jet Admin to perform requests (stored internally)
  • SCOPE - (optional) If your backend requires access_token to have list of scopes to make queries this parameter will be used to obtain access_token

1. Authorization URL

Initial page which user is redirected to on Sign In page
If you have only 1 sign in method (SSO) user will be automatically redirected to your SSO initial page without seeing Jet Admin.
After Sign In process user will be redirected back to Jet Admin side.
Page that processes received "code" and performs step 2.

2. Access token URL

The method is called by Jet Admin backend to get "access" and "refresh" tokens
access_token JWT payload should have fields:
  • first_name
  • last_name (optional)
  • username (can be equal to email)
  • email
access token and refresh token obtained on this step are saved on side.
(optional) If you have self-hosted Jet Bridge set up as HTTP proxy access token and refresh token can be saved on self-hosted Jet Bridge side.

3. Refresh token URL

Can be the same as Access token URL, but with different data
The method is called by Jet Admin backend to refresh expired "access token"

Authorizing API calls to your backend with SSO token