Users & Permissions

In this section you will learn how to link set Users and Permissions for creating a customer portal

The key functionality of any Portal is that any user or group of users see and interact only with their data. In this step, we'll invite our users and set permissions to turn our Airtable app into a secure portal.

Invite Users

Click Share and add the email of a user. Then we can invite this user to the existing team or create a New Team by clicking Add a new Team. In our example, we build a portal for corporate clients, so we'll create separate teams for every company we work with.

  1. Click on the Share button

  2. Paste the Email you want to send an invite to

  3. Click on the Team Icon

  4. Choose Add a New Team

  5. Write the Name of the New Team

  6. Click on the Create button

In Jet Admin, Teams are the groups of users with the same permissions

Then send invites to the users.

Set the Data Separation

Team Properties and User Properties are used to set the data separation in Jet Admin. For each team or user, we add a Property that uniquely identifies a company or a client, such as domain or email. In our case, we use the company name:

  1. Click on the Add Property

  2. Choose the Name of the Property

  3. Click on the Create button

  4. Set the property of the team

To be able to separate data, we need to have the property value in our data

Next, we need to filter our Portal's data by the property. Select the component you want to separate data for, proceed to filters, and set them Client field to match Client property what we've created.

  1. Choose the Table

  2. Click on the Filter icon

  3. Choose Client -> Client equals

  4. Click on the Formula icon

  5. Choose Team Properties -> Client

Set Permissions

Additionally, we want our Coffee Beans employees to interact only with the portal page we've created. For this, go to the Teams and set page-level permissions to allow access to the Tasks , Tasks-edit and the Tasks-create pages:

Now, let's check how that works: the Beans Coffee employee that we've invited can see only their company's projects:

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