Rest API

Connect Jet Admin to any REST API.
Jet Admin can help you make your tool make requests to any Rest API you need to integrate to your workflow. The integrations Jet provides are ready-to-use business APIs such as Stripe, SendGrid, Zendesk, Slack, etc. (To reduce the time to get your internal tool talking to a Rest API to the minimum, use the Templates). To have the available APIs at hand, select Resources from the project menu to open the resource selection pane:
You can also implement your own custom API using API Builder. For instance, you can set up a GET request to display orders your customers made or a POST request to reset a password for a specific user.

Connect custom API resource

Let's start with implementing Rest API, select it from the list of available resources, and specify the general information that will use for all API requests for this resource:
  • Resource name – unique name that indicates API resource in Jet Admin.
  • Base URL – URL that will use for all requests for this resource (if you want to use different URL, create different resources for each URL).
  • Authentication – used to authenticate requests: Bearer token, Basic Auth, OAuth 2.0.