Design & Structure

A brief overview of design and structure.

To build your internal tools Jet provides Visual Builder that helps you create Pages and customize, organize any components (table, button, charts, actions, etc).

Visual Builder available after when you created a new project. Here is where you can find it:

Library of Components

Visual Builder provides a library of different components: Containers, Basic, Data, Fields, Custom Components...


Jet Admin Templates are the fastest way to build tools. We provide 2 types of templates:

Page Templates

Apply more than 10+ templates like Stripe Refund Tool, Marketing Tool, Customer Support Tool, etc.

Component Templates

You can add ready-to-use templates based on your components.


Pages is an interface element that allows you to quickly build different use cases for your internal tool. Visual Builder allows you to add new pages and edit existing ones. Here how you can add a new page.

The menu is a part of an internal tool interface where you can navigate between pages or projects, as well as access project settings, Visual Builder, Help Center, Activity Log, etc. There is a menu to interact with projects and pages.