Jet Admin

Welcome to the Jet Admin User Guide! Here you can find answers to your questions about features, usage, and functionality.


Jet Admin is a ready-to-run admin panel operating on a comprehensive API integrated with your application.

Jet Admin is a SaaS solution that can be easily integrated into your database through a Jet Bridge generated API. Installation happens in only under 5 minutes!

Jet Admin helps you to:

  • Save time of your development team. Skip design, development and maintenance. Jet Admin lets you focus on your customer facing product.

  • Make your operational team independent from developers. An admin panel tailored to your operational needs with a 100% customizable UI guarantees total autonomy to the operational team and allows them do their job without developers’ help.

  • Scale your operations. Technology start-ups or companies with complex business logic will be pleased with Jet’s scalability. The administrative panel will not be a barrier to your growth.

This is a complete remake of our popular Django Jet admin interface.


  • CRUD (create, read, update, delete)

    All CRUD operations are generated automatically based on your database structure.

  • Search & Filters

    Easily run a basic or SQL query to search through your application’s database. Create advanced filters to narrow your search based on certain fields, contents, and relationships.

  • Segments

    Retrieve any segment of your application data by applying a subset of filters or running an SQL query.

  • Visual Builder

    Create customizable views without additional development by using our built-in drag and drop, editing tools, and powerful widgets.

  • Built-in Collection Widgets

    You can display your data in a familiar Table widget or change the widget type in the settings. Effortlessly track your delivery team in the Map widget, write down the upcoming appointments in a Calendar, process orders in a Kanban board, or keep the pictures of your products in a Gallery.

  • Dashboards & Analytics

    Jet Admin can instantly analyze and chart out your data in the form of a user-friendly widget through a search, SQL query, or a custom API call to your servers.

  • Teams & Permissions

    Manage permissions for specific users and teams without any line of code. Add users to individual dashboards and manage their access rights to specific contents directly from Jet’s interface.

  • Export

    In Jet, you can segment your data and then export it as a CVS, Excel, JSON, and PDF.

  • Responsive Interface

    Keep your admin panel up and running on all types of devices and screen resolutions with our responsive interface and iOS app.


No matter how sophisticated the Jet interface is, sometimes basic features are just not enough to cover specific business operations. We understand that and made sure that you can always tailor the admin panel to your needs with Jet’s extendable components.

Thanks to our Flex features, you can additionally customize your panel by coding your own Views, Fields, and Actions.

Flex View. Some processes are so complex, they require a custom widget solution. For instance, you might want to visualize the customer journey map in the form of a graph or a sidebar inside your admin panel. You can totally realize that in Jet! Thanks to our Flex View feature, you can code your own view into the admin’s interface using JS (Angular, React), HTML, and CSS.

Flex Field. Say you want to merge first name and last name fields together or display a column from another Collection. You can do that by extending your interface with Flex Fields.

Flex Action. A Flex Action is a custom button inside Jet’s interface that allows you to realize your own business logic through an API request to your servers.


If you need any help with the installation and set-up, please contact us at We'll be happy to give you a hand!