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What is Jet Admin?

Jet Admin is an app builder that allows you to create Client Portals, Business Apps, and Internal Tools with your existing data, whether it's from databases, APIs, or Storages. You can build apps such as Onboarding apps, Admin Panels, Vendor portals, CRMs, and much more quickly and without code.

Building a Business App?

This 2-min video will explain what Jet Admin is and what you can build with it:

  1. Connect your data: Connect Databases, business apps (Airtable, Stripe, Zendesk), Data Warehouses, Internal and external REST or GraphQL APIs, and File Storage.

  2. Sync and Blend your data: Create a single source of truth (SSOT) that syncs to your multiple data sources (Stripe, Hubspot, Salesforce, ...).

  3. Build App Interfaces: Drag and drop UI components (Tables, Forms, Charts, Details Images) onto Layouts (Modals, Columns, Tavs) and connect them to your data sources.

  4. Customize your app: Design pixel-perfect components or use 50+ ready-to-use components from Marketplace.

  5. Automate your workflow: Create multi-sequence Automation with over 30+ automation blocks and trigger them by Webhook or Schedule jobs every minute, hour, day, or month.

Building a Portal?

This 5-min video will walk you through the process of building a client portal from scratch:

Ready to Get Started?

This Quickstart Guide will walk you through the necessary steps for building your first app in Jet:


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