Cursor based pagination

In this section you will learn how to use cursor-based pagination

Sometimes APIs use something that looks weird for their pagination. Each call may return a cursor key to use to get the next page. Something like "nextPageCursor": "<cursor_key>" or ID as the next cursor (Stripe API) "next cursor" : data['data'][data['data'].length - 1].id

For instance, Stripe sends back a URL as well as a cursor (object ID) to use to get the next page. Their docs show this:

You can send this in two ways. Either use the cursor or use the full URL. If you use the cursor, you need to send it in a parameter.

For instance, Stripe API in Jet API Builder that would be set up with these settings:{{paging.limit}}&starting_after={{paging.cursor_next}}&ending_before={{paging.cursor_prev}}

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