Sign In/Sign Up

In this section you will learn how to build Sign In/Sign Up Page

You don't need to build the Sign-in/Sign-up page in the UI, as Jet already has a separate Sign-in/Sign-up page builder.

To access it,

  1. Click on the Sign-in & Sign-up icon inside the builder

/Sign-up page

/Sign-up page has three major sections:

  • (1) Menu - configure the appearance, sign-in, and sign-up separately

  • (2) The preview - check in real-time changes taking effect

  • (3) Setting - this is where the configuring happens

To be able to customize the Sign-in/Sign-up, you need to set up a custom domain first. See the image below.

Learn how to set up a custom domain in the following article:

pageCustom domain


The appearance tab allows you to:

  • (1) Switch between the layouts

  • (2) Set the background picture

  • (3) Set the color theme

  • (4) Enable the White label

& Sign-up

The sign-in and sign-up tabs allow you to configure the settings, specific to the sign-in and sign-up, such as Terms of service URL, titles, and customer sign-up flow for the Portal.

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