⛺️ Database Heroku deployment

Step-by-step guide to deploying a PostgreSQL database on Heroku.

Once you have created the project, connected the resource, and selected the Instant Cloud deployment method you need to deploy your database on hosting.

In this step-by-step guide, we'll take a closer look at the complete database deployment process on Heroku.

1. Sign up for Heroku

To deploy your database you need to sign up a free Heroku account. You need to fill in the data and just click on Create a free account.

2. Create a new app

Once you have completed the registration process, you will see this page. Just click on Create new app.

The next step is to specify the application name. Keep in mind that you can't use spaces and symbols. You also have to choose a region.

3. Configure your application

Go to the Resources menu. Just search for Postgres in the add-ons and select it.

Then you need to choose a plan for the add-on. Depending on it you'll have different resources. For test purposes, we will pick Hobby Dev - free.

4. Find the credentials

Now you have a working Postgres database. You need to find the credentials. Click on Heroku Postgres to find the data you need.

Go to the settings and click View Credentials.

You need to enter these data in the fields required by the Instant Cloud deployment method.

Congratulations! You've deployed your database on Heroku. Now you're ready to integrate it into Jet Admin.

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